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Viva – Luxury Italian Doors 100% Italian

An internationally oriented company, Viva is strongly rooted in the region of Brianza, that over time has preserved the values and the cultural traditions of woodworking and furniture making. The value of “Made in Italy” is fundamental for Viva, since it embodies the concepts of the skillfulness of our craftsmen and the precision of our industrial manufacturing processes, all constitute the building blocks of high quality and design of all Viva’s products.

Please see Viva Factory website for additional information, product and services.

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apure – Luxury architectural lighting

With over three decades of lighting design experience, apure was founded in 2013 to identify and develop innovative and state of the art lighting solutions without sacrificing aesthetics. In collaboration with the world-renowned Porsche Design Studio and a team of our engineers in Germany, each product is designed with a clear purpose to solve a specific issue. This coupled with the tradition of fine craftsmanship and attention to detail, apure has achieved its goal with a line of sophisticated and specialized products that gratifies the silent demand.

Please see apure systems website for additional information, product and services.

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